运动会的英文作文带翻译 There was a sports meeting in our school last week, It began on Thursday and was over on Friday. Zhang QiIang is in Class One. He is taller than any other boy in the school. He jumped highest of all. Yang Mei ran fastest,

we had a sports meeting last friday. all of the students took an active part in it. our class did very well in the sports meeting. the boys won the boys' 400 metres, and the girls won the girls' 200 metres. i joined in the sports meeting, too. in the long jump

Last month we had a sports meeting. Though the weather wasn't very fine that day, the students were all very excited and the whole school was alive. This time, I was even more excited. Because I went in for the sports meeting and my item was high

Last week our school held on a sports meeting.All the students took an active part in it.Jack won the first prize in the high jump.Joe got the sacond prize in the 800metres race.Li Hui got the first prize in the 60 metres dash.I took part in the discus-throw.And at last I won the third prize.

My friends and I took part in the sport games today. Danny's team got the fifth in relay race, I got the third in rope skipping, Alice joined the cheerleaders, David got the first in throwing hammers, because he had strong arms! The playground was full

sports Many people say :Life depend on doing sports.It is true.Sports can make your body strong.After you do some sports,like playing basketball or football,you can also feel

我与奥运) Olympic Games is window,I keep watch.This is a maximum window,had 奥运是平台,我是主人.比尔昨天起床很早.二中举办运动会,他报了跳远.在所有的男孩

I think it's very important for everyone to do sports.I like sports because they're not only good for my health but also good for my study.My favorite sport is swimming.


Although it is autumn,all the students in Huaying Senior High School are so excited.Because we will hold a great sport meet. All of our athletes were the best,I believe.The

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