特殊疑问句:开头是what how why where who when 一般疑问句:DO DOES IS ARE SHALL WILL

不同的特殊疑问词表示不同的意思. what:[疑问代词]什么(事, 东西, 人) 例句: What 's that all about? 那究竟是怎么回事? What happened? 出了什么事? What is he? 他是做什么的? What is he like? 他是怎样的人? What if we should

what where which when等

在英文里,疑问句大致分为7种: 1. 一般疑问句(要用YES或者NO来回答)疑问词有:have; has; had; am; is; are; do;does; did; can ;could; may; might; will; would; shall; should; must; need etc. 2. 特殊疑问句--疑问词有:who; what; which; where; when; whose; whom; why;how; 3. 选择疑问句(句子中代有or) 4. 附加疑问句(也叫反意疑问句) 5. 修辞疑问句(相当于陈述句不需要回答) 6. 感叹疑问句(强调作用) 7. 反问句(多用于重复他人的话)

疑问词是疑问代词“who, what, which, whose”和疑问副词“when, where, how, why ”. when 什么时间 问时间 who 谁 问人 (例句 :who is boy?) whose 谁的 问主人 where 在哪里 问地点 (例句:where were you yesterday ?) which 哪一个

1. how : how about going out this weekend? how many students are in the classroom? how much water do you want? how long have you been there? how soon will you get there?2. what: what do you like?3. why : why did you come late?4. when: when

either表示的否定的也 例如:He doesn't like tea. Either do I.too则是肯定的 Nice to meet you.Nice to meet you,too.最好你能够把句子给出来.

一般:is are can特殊:where who what how……

特殊疑问词 where:哪里(状语) what :什么 when:问时间 (回答用At/ On等) which:哪一个,哪个 who :谁 ( 回答用He isShe isThey are等) whom:谁(宾

Do,Did,Does Is,was,were,are 希望对你有帮助,满意请及时采纳,你的采纳是我回答的动力!

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