draw the picture

picture; drawing; painting; tableau.都是图画的意思.可以举几个例子:观看一幅美丽的图画常使人心满意足.Looking at a beautiful painting always gives one satisfaction.这个房间布满了图画和其他漂亮的装饰品.The room was full of pictures and other beautiful ornaments. 那位老人站着凝视那幅图画.The old man stood contemplating the painting.

图画 [tú huà] picture drawing 更多相关: 例句与用法: 小孩通过图画识字很好. it is a good idea for children to learn to read by way of pictures. 墙上有一张图画. there is one picture on the wall. 墙上有两张图画吗? are there two pictures on the

图画 [túhuà] drawing picture

picture 英 ['pkt] 美 ['pkt] n. 照片,图画;影片;景色;化身 vt. 画;想像;描写 短语 motion picture n. 电影 picture frame 相框;画框 best picture 最佳影片 draw a picture 画一张图;画幅画 例句 1、what if we move the picture over

图画 [tú huà] [词典] picture; drawing; painting; tableau;

用in the future .祝你成功

图画的英文是picture,其读音为英 [pkt(r)] 美 [pkt].具体释义如下: picture 英 [pkt(r)] 美 [pkt] 1、名词 n.照片,画像;图画,图片;影片;情景 例:The writer builds up a clever contextual picture of upper class

图画 n. drawing, picture, painting

你好!画画 你好 drawing 英[dr:] 美[dr] n. 绘画; 制图; 图画; 图样; v. 拉; 绘画(draw的现在分词); 拖; 拔出; [例句]She did a drawing of me.她给我画了张像.

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